Turn around while you take a nap!

Taking advantage of the 9 o 12 hours time difference, we can provide overnight service to customers in the United States! You send in the specifications for trivial jobs at 5:00 p.m. your time, just before you leave your office, and we can have the routines coded and ready for you by the time you arrive in your office next morning! Gives you double the programming throughput!

The following Services & products are available from RIDOS:

Off-the-shelf Packages

  • Stock IO Sales.
  • Simple Entry Dual Accounts (SEDA) 
  • Sanai Accounts & Talk2Sanai (FE)
  • Construction Material Control (CMC) 
  • Points Of Sales 4 Goods (POS4G)
  • SpeeD Lab Management System. 
  • SpeeD Fee Control System.
  • Task Managment & Control (TMC)


  1. Visual Basic,Web Designing,ASP
  2. Visual Basic .Net, ASP .Net , C#
  3. Visual Fox Pro
  4. Visual J++
  5. Visual C++


  1. Visual Basic to VB .Net or C#
  2. AS/400 to PC
  3. COBOL to Microsoft Visual platform


  1. User Manuals
  2. Programmer's Technical Manual

Data Entry

  1. Programming Required to setup Data Entry
  2. Data Entry
  3. Data Cleaning
  4. Data Tabulation

Concentrate on the System Analysis. Leave the hiring of programmers to us!