Any non-trivial project requires a Project Manager, one or more System Analysts and a flock of Programmers. You still need the Project Manager and System Analysts....

...We come in to replace the flock of programmers!

Having a programming team at a remote location actually forces your System Analysts to think things out and write specifications so that they are truly representative of the requirements. And once that is done, the coding is the most trivial of all jobs...

Here is how it all works:

  You Us


You are dealing with the end user. We are dealing with you.
2 You are the System Analysts for the project. We are assigning one or more programmers to the project.
3 You are writing the program specifications. Any project requiring more than 40 hrs will be broken up into tasks. You are deciding how many programmers to put on the job. We are understanding the specifications and asking clarifications if any.
4 You are defining the test suite/test data/test criteria. We are understanding the task criteria and ask for clarifications if required.
5 You are estimating the number of man-hours each task will take. Keeping each task less than 40 hrs. Our Senior Task Appraiser is approving your estimate. Feeding back you if his estimate does not agree with yours.
6 You are deciding if you want user manual. We are writing the Manual.
7 You are deciding if you want a Programmer's Technical Manual. We are writing the Manual.
8 You want to know what is happening.... We are reporting status on daily basis.
9 You agree all tasks have been finished. We are requesting a signoff.
10 You are signing off. We are asking for the next project.
11 You send us another project. We keep on serving you.

Task Appraisal System:

Experience has shown that in 90% of the cases, the hours estimated by your System Analysts are quite accurate and our Senior Task Appraiser simply your estimate.

In other 10% cases, we get back to you and suggest our estimate with reasons, whenever possible. We have seen that in most cases your System Analysts agrees with us!

There are only 5% cases where there is total disagreement and it takes quite a while to thrash things out.

While computing man-hours required for program coding we base our estimate upon the abilities of a programmer with 2 to 3 years of programming experience in related language.

Once a task has been accepted with certain  man-hour estimate, we normally do not ask for a re-evaluation. If we sometimes have to spend more man-hour on a project we do not bill you extra.

Normally one task is assigned to one programmer. If your project is broken up into tasks, then it is your choice to have all tasks done by the same programmer (one after the other) or assign tasks to different programmers to shorten the over all project duration. You are required to make this selection when you submit your project specifications initially.

What does it cost to check us out? As little as $900!